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  • What are the Types of Aerogel Products? Date: 2020-10-23 09:43:31 Click: 98 Comment: 0

    Aerogel is a new type of material with a nanoporous structure. It was invented by American scientist Kistler.S. in 1931. It is also called "blue smoke" because of its lightness as the mist and bluish colour—the lightest solid. ...

  • Magical solid material-aerogel Date: 2020-07-28 10:23:13 Click: 98 Comment: 0

    There is a material; although it is stable, it is incredibly light, it looks like a curl of blue smoke, like a dream, this is the most luminous solid material in the world-aerogel. What is aerogel? We know that the colloidal particles in t...